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Suman Kundu - Walking in the moonlighted path


29 Years | Male | Committed | Kolkata, India

Suman KunduI am a simple living person; living the day to day life as simple as possible. Simplicity and smiling are two most important things in my life. Probably no one see me without smile (And my smile is very sweet too..).

I always try to give my 100% (specifically more than 100%) whatever I do, wherever I present. However, I do not think about the moments that already passed. Also, do not think too much about future. I believe in moment life.

Life is like a flowing river.

People do not have real control over future. So, why think about future!

I am a fun loving person. Fun for me is addabaji (gossiping) with friends. I have ability to be a friend of different kind of persons with different age group. So, to be my friend there is no age barrier or anything else. I do not prefer to be a part of social activities like arranging functions or blood donation camps etc. Don’t know why, but they really do not catch my attention.

I love nature. I love to watch rain drops falling into trees. I love the way a bird play and sings. I love my sweet pets (Cats). I wish I could travail all the forest, mountain and deep into the sea of the earth. But in my 26 year long life I travel very little.

I am a kind of outspoken person. Most of the secret in my life has no secrecy at all; at least for my friends. What I fell about you I will tell you in front of you, that may be good may be bad. That is my nature. So, I am not political. :P

I was a software engineer, currently I moved to research. Joined Center for Soft Computing Research @ Indian Statistical Institute in April 2010. You can find more detail of my career in my professional section and my educational details in education section.

So, that’s all about me in a brief. You can find more details in subsiquent sections.