Bannerghatta National Park

Can you think of something that fascinates you the most and yet you like to keep the utmost distance from!!! I can. "SNAKES", yes thats rights, those are snakes. Neither do we share feelings of love nor rivalry for each other, but the bonding is such that we don't miss any opportunity of meeting. This time it was a visit to Bannerghatta National park, to see them and their friends and foes accompanied by m better half as my partner. It was June 18th, 2011, we reached the national park by 11 and opted for the safari to begin the journey. No doubt the safari was awesome, not becoz we had too many wild animals to see from a closer distance in their natural habitat but bcoz, I found humans caged, although in a big jeep and animals left free to run around in a comparatively bigger space.

If my memory isn't going bad, we must have seen more than a dozen of tigers, lions, beers, deers, bustards at a glance. But yes, they weren't left together. Here comes the human boundaries to segregate them from each other with again no harmony in nature. I found all of them restless, agitated and boggled and the most painful thing was to see those huge carnivores as 'helpless creatures'. If I sound being too emotional, then the pics will speak the truth for you.

Now of-course to contradict my ideas, something strange happened. As our jeep entered the tiger zone, two beautiful, massive tigers, one Royal Bengal and the other White tiger started posing for photography instantaneously. It was a very stupid act from their side but equally thrilling for the spectators. Everyone had a huge chance for great pics, so did my partner. I was surprised about their show bizz attitude. I guess the caretaker might have lured them with an extra piece of meat for doing so :P You see, I can never trust humans in this case. But the safari ended with the best part, my photographer caught an unbelievable sweet smiling face of the lion into his lenses.

Our chirping stomachs pulled us buy some chips to munch and then we headed for the rest of the zoo (said to be created for educational purpose). I was all set to face my fascination but had to wait coz m partner wasn't much interested in them. We saw the usual animals of the zoo, tigers, lions, spotted deers, leopards, monkeys, birds etc. We then turned towards the crocs. Their massive size, their calm stature and non exhaustible power was just dumped into an embankment with such a pity that two kittens were juggling around their snouts with no fear. And finally we meet those slim, glossy and curvy beauties of the world "the snakes". Their looks and power have always wondered me. With no such large defense organs, size or movement, they tend to be the most horrifying creatures on the earth. A few clicks taken by partner are amongst my favorites.

Turn to watch birds and as everybody feels birds are the worst picture of being caged, I felt the same. But then the colours, features, patterns of the birds attracts everyone and so did me. On the go we found a number of caged swans and in a glimpse I found a swan stretching its arms open and a beam of sunlight kissing its breast, giving a warm hug as if said let me take you out of this cage, even though for a while, let you live what you should. Believe me, for a moment i just wanted to be that swan and of course being caged. At the very next sight there were those peeping red eyes of the ostrich. Those were saying something but I hardly followed. Then the spreading of beautiful feathers of the white peacock made my heart fill with love for life.

With those mixed feelings in my soul, and thousand questions of those staring eyes pondering my mind, we left the zoo and landed a restaurant. To refresh my mind nothing could have been better than having a yummy lunch. We had a plate of steamed rice, matar paneer curry and scrambled eggs.

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