The way to Bhalki Machan

In Kolkata, these two months(Dec, Jan) are the perfect for picnic. Being a crazy, Bengali peoples are always keen to utilize it. It is kind of must customs for we people. Same in my department. Around the end of November, people in our departments are shouting for planning a picnic.

The first big task for it, is to select the spot. There are lot in the queue, and we have to visit few of them to make sure it covers all our requirement. Bhalki Machan is one of them. In one weekend, we decided to visit the spot. Me and one of my new friend.

Pain of woke up early morning in a winter day did not sustain long. I got a seat in the train, and took a nap. The motivation was my camera. I knew it is inside my backpack. Two hours train, and the most importantly 1 Hour Riksaw journey from the railway station(Mankar).

Sunday morning, winter sun, village pathway, and my S5IS. Our riksaw running quite fast. I shot a lot, few are really good, few are not so, rest are blurred. I shorted out, and here it is. Enjoy. I put few links to know the details of bhalki machan. Hope those are sufficient.

Though Bhalki Machan failed to qualify our requirements (lot of ifs and buts – most spots failed), still I found it is a very good place for picnic with friends. I love it, you would for sure.

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