The Elephant Beach

The pleasant evening in the Radha Nagar Beach soon end and we had to plan for the next day. We were still in Havelock. Our returning ship was around the 3O'clock next day. We had some time in hand, and we wanted to utilize it. Our tour guide in Havelock, Mr. Khan, if I remember the name correctly, suggested to visit a small beach nearby. He would arrange a boat for 4 of us. The name of the beach was Elephant Beach.

March 3rd, 2010 around 7 O'clock in the morning, we started our expedition. 40min in the blue water and we were there. A beach, really small  one and we were the first to reach. Obviously, for the day; but it was felt like we are stepping into the sore of an unknown beach we had found first. Few broken woods in the crystal clear water, white sands and the morning sun created the perfect environment for the day.

We already tasted the pleasures of snorkeling in the coral island. So, we were interest to taking snorkeling experiences here too. With the heavy crowed in the coral island, fishes were little scared. However, in the Elephant Island, they were free. They were spontaneous and their number was huge. We had a good time in the water. After sometimes few other families came to visit the place. We enjoyed some fresh coconuts and shoot some snaps for my scrapbook.

It was a real beauty of Havelock. A must see place. After a full year when I am able to get time to write down something about one of the most beautiful beaches I visit so far, I would definitely give it 10 on 10. So, friends if you are planning for few days in Havelock put a tick on Elephant Beach. Postcards from the Beach are here: