Kala Pani (Cellular Jail)

We started our journey from Havelock to Port Blair. In no time we reached and spent the night there. The next day was for Mt. Harriet. In our itinerary, there is no option for Cellular Jail. We had already visited there for Light & Sound show. However, we had a wish to visit the museum and roam around the heritage prison. So, we talked with our driver; he suggested it would not take the whole day for Mt. Harriet. Then, we decided to visit the Cellular Jail. The driver agreed and we went there.

The cellular jail originally contained seven wings. However, in the effect of war and other means only three and the central tower remains. There ware lot of historically meaningful pictures of different artists. Few rooms are dedicated with galleries of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, few rooms with the prisoners and freedom fighters who spent their life in the jail.

Photo Gallery of Netaji Subhash A Portrait of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Behind one of his Sculpture A Portrait Visitor in the Gallery Watching a Painting Carefully One of the Most Meaningful Painting of the Gallery

We saw the bowl, which are used in the jail for the prisoners eating. We found few models of the jail with full seven wings. There are models of their punishments and their work. All of them had to bear with an ample amount of work, and failing so with massive punishments.

A Model of Cellular Jail Bowl and Dishes of the Freedom Fighters Please Read! Sculpture Portraying the Work of the Prisoners in Jail Another Model of Cellular Jail Thus They Tortures our Freedom Fighters - A Model

At the end we went to visit the cell. The cells ware very small. A narrow door and a window barely passes the day light. The front of a wing is facing with the back of another wing so that no one can see each other when prisoners ware in. The cells were well secured so that no one can even touch the lock of the cell. It was a bit experience with the hardness they feel to give us freedom. Freedom does not come smoothly, and the remaining's of the Cellular Jail speak every bit of it to the visitor like us. The post is titled with the “Kala Pani” cause the Jail was mostly famous with the name.

Swatantra Joyt The Jail The Corridor The Corridor This Much Light is Available for Them Lock - To prevent breaking, locks are made secured like this My Sis in the Kuthuri - I locked her :D

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