Andaman – North Bay (Coral Island)

Part two of the Andaman series for you. Our wonderful experience continues during our day two. We visit two island near to Port Blair first Coral Island and then Ross Island. This blog contain more about Coral Island.

In day two, we went to visit the island known as Coral Island. The name of the Island is North Bay. Its the home of coral. There are lots of coral. We catch a launch and went their in 45 min or so. All of us taken from the launch to beach with a glass bottom boat so that we can see the corals. This facility is provided so that who are unable to take Snorkeling, even they can watch the beauty of corals. We however prefer snorkeling. This was our first experience with those masks. We had been taken pair wise, mom and sis and followed by me and dad. It was simply superb. Watching fishes(only saw in discovery before) swimming just bellow your nose, incredible. We found different kinds of corals. Lots of fishes. Though fishes are little less may be as because we people are making noise in their territory.

The water was fantastic, blue and green. Just another beauty of this earth. We spent lot of time waiting for the guide to came and taking us for snorkeling. We wait inside deep blue green water, enjoy some beautiful moment with mom dad and my sister. Only thing we were thinking was, it would have been a nice thing if I could carry my camera inside water smile_tongue

One thing Tua did, and I could not, is to take snaps during snorkeling. So, I take one snap from her album for you. 

I will come with Ross Island soon. Till then enjoy the full album.

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