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Hello friends, it is almost one month my blog application is uploaded; this application is not fully featured blog application compare to the well known blogging platforms like, wordpress, live journals etc. However, I liked it, because I made it by myself and I can totally control how it behaves and I can add features in future. The feature list is long; like submitting URL along with comment, subscribe for update in comment, photo album etc. Today, I add one very important feature in the application, that is ATOM Feed.

What is Atom Feed?
You can obviously Google it to get the answer, still I want to provide a very basic idea about it. Atom feed is a content syndication mechanism by which one site provides news and content update for their reader. Technically, it provides the update through xml standard. The reader can use different software program to getting the update from the syndicating site. These feed contains various details like titles of recent posts, date of publish, summery of content also links to the original posts and more as per the standards.  

Who uses Atom Feed?
The atom feed is most popular in blogging sphere. Blogger use atom feed to provide updated post to its reader, they use atom feed to provide comment update to a post. Another most frequent provider of atom feed are news sites. They provide news updates through atom feed.

How to get feed URL?
rss_xml_atom_feeds_news_icon The provider site uses feed icon for providing the feed URL. Look for the feed icon in your favorite site. You can also find the feed icon in the address bar of your favorite site. Click on the icon, it will take you to the feed URL. Most of the recent browser contains atom styling feature, and if you are using such browser you can see the feed content in a nice manner.

How to use feed URL?
The atom feed can be used in various manner, like I use Google Reader to organize all my favorite web feeds. You can use “Live Bookmark” in Firefox to store your favorite feed and get update right from your browser. You can use Opera mail in Opera browser and get update from feed inside your browser. There are lots of option, these are only few examples.

Where to get feed URL of this site?
So, that is a very brief about atom feed. Now, the question is where to get feed URL for “The Unspoken Words”? Try to find the ATOM icon in the “Recent Post” widget at the right panel. You can click on the icon and copy it into your favorite feed reader. :)

That is all I want to share with you today. See you soon.

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