Colors of India through the lens

Dokra Art from BishnupurOn 72nd independence day of India, I tried to collect 72 color photos from my collection. These are taken between 2011 to 2018 from different parts of India. complete article

Varna System in Modern India

It is unfortunate that in India everyone belongs to a group (referred to caste) just based on their birth. But the essence of Varna system was different than the current practice. Purhaphs modern India now has two different systems. One is the birth-based caste system and another one is very close to the code of conduct of the original Varna protha. However, I fear the same fate is waiting for the latter one as well. complete article

Colonial Hangover in India

Every now and then you will hear a term “Colonial Hangover” attributed to some Indian by other fellow Indian. Very recently it was attributed to “The Athletics Federation of India” for their tweet about Hima Das. Let us find out what does “colonial hangover” mean to me and why I believe Indian should never use it to derogate anyone. complete article