Ever since I have installed Ubuntu 11.04, the thing bothering me the most is that I am not able to use all special shortcut keys of the keyboard. The few keys working are Fn + Left/Right for volume control and the Fn + F2 for blank screen. However, there are few more important keys which aren't working. For example the brightness controlling keys (Fn + Up/Down), the wireless control key (Fn + F5), the TouchPad enable/disable key (Fn + F6). Initially I tried to find a solution to activate all those shortcut keys, but nothing helped me on this. Now, when I have started blogging or coding, I find that while the TouchPad is enabled it iz difficult to write. So, finally this morning I started to search for a solution to disable the Touchpad and finally I got a solid solution to the problem. complete article

Posted by Suman Kundu

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on August 07, 2011