Sunset - Nature's Own Canvas

Sunset is a regular event on our mother earth, yet each day it brings new colors to our blue sky. It is ravishing; it is breathtaking. Every time I witness it; I wonder to find myself lost; lost in its silence; lost in its romance. I remember my childhood, a red (or orange) ball setting between the distant trees, just behind the railway tracks. Some day, at the very moment, a train comes from nowhere to add another dimension to the landscape. Few hundred meters of farmland with different textures added the final touch, when nature painted for us. Although a daily phenomenon, it always ran a wave through my heart.
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Sunset at Tilpara Barrage

Sunset at TilparaA large red ball disappearing behind the darkness on the horizon is one of the most beautiful seen I missed in my daily life. Once it was a daily habit to end my day after the sunset. And most of the time it was ignored as it is very much the same thing happening every single day. And now when I am living in a city, I could not even find the full blue sky above me. Now when It comes around me without prior knowledge, I am always amazed by its beauty. complete article

Trip to Havelock

Friends hope you enjoy other posts about my Andaman Trip. As I mentioned in my earlier post here comes the Havelock island trip. IMG_4678We make ourselves ready for the trip early morning, pack up dresses required there, and went to the port. We need to travail by ship.

What we hard before about the island are that it will take few hours to reach by ship and the island is the largest among the Andaman Islands. Also we knew the finest sea beach in Asia is there named “Radha Nagar” beach. We never travail by ship, we came to Port Blair by flight. It was an experience, thought it is not a very big ship. Still we enjoyed during journey.  complete article