Learn Qt With Me - First Program Part II

So, we did created our first program using Qt and Python. We also captured user submitted data and printed them to Python console. Now we will create a GUI for preview information instead of printing on console screen. Lets start modifying our project by opening it in Eric.
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Learn Qt With Me - First Program

Today I am going to create a sample screen to start with. These first few programs are just to test the environment, before starting the actual project. complete article

Learn Qt With Me - Introduction

I had created TheUnspokenWords back in Oct 2010. Although I am happy with the interfaces which my readers navigates trough, yet I am compromising with no admin interfaces. Recently I updated the Gallery section and this takes time. In between my site sufferers for new content. Honestly, I could not able to manage myself as a writer and developer. In 2010, I was a happy user of MS Windows, so I was using MS WLW for publishing my posts. Soon I detached from MS Windows for a better alternative GNU/Linux. Currently I am using Kubuntu and Fedora KDE. So, the best options I could use for publishing my posts is Blogilo. Though Blogilo is a very nice program for KDE users, but I found some issues with it. For example, I need to upload the images separately through FTP. Anyway, I have no issues to do some work manually before publishing my posts. But, that only solves a single problem to a very large problem set. So, I decided to create admin section for the site. I have two option to do this. First, create a web interface to manage the site content or, second, create a desktop application to manage my site. complete article