Sunset - Nature's Own Canvas

Sunset is a regular event on our mother earth, yet each day it brings new colors to our blue sky. It is ravishing; it is breathtaking. Every time I witness it; I wonder to find myself lost; lost in its silence; lost in its romance. I remember my childhood, a red (or orange) ball setting between the distant trees, just behind the railway tracks. Some day, at the very moment, a train comes from nowhere to add another dimension to the landscape. Few hundred meters of farmland with different textures added the final touch, when nature painted for us. Although a daily phenomenon, it always ran a wave through my heart.
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Linux Application: MyPaint

Earlier, I talked about linux desktops and distributions in the post Move On: Windows to Linux. Today, I will talk about an application; I found recently for Linux. It is not a utility application one may need their daily usage. It is a special-purpose application you will find very useful when needed.

I have a digital pen tablet, which I bought to experiment with my talent on digital arts. However, I hardly used it for more than a month. So it was just sitting idle in my desk. Recently, my wife asked me to suggest a good painting software where she can paint. She has experience with MS Paint but right now my lappy only have Ubuntu. So I suggested Gimp; the wonderful graphics application by GNU. After my work hours, I thought to give my digital pen another try, so that she can draw easily and with pressure sensitivity. However, Gimp does not support pressure sensitivity by default. There might be some procedure, which can enable pressure sensitivity for the Gimp as well. My search leading me to another great open-source linux application; MyPaint. complete article