My journey from Microsoft to FOSS was first reported in my earlier post Move on: Windows to Linux. Time to time I talked about those applications I found useful. The current post is about an alternating application to a MS Windows application. I have a long list of titles in my movie collection and I used to use an application to cataloging them. Ant Movie Catalog, (referred as AMC in the later part of this article) Which is again an open source application. Since I moved to Linux I was facing difficulties. I vigorously searching for an appropriate solution. Recently, I found the ANSWER it. Griffith is a perfect replacement for Ant Movie catalog.complete article

Posted by Suman Kundu

Suman Kundu is a Senior Research Fellow at Center for Soft Computing Research in Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata. His research interests includes Social Network Analysis, Web Data Mining, Soft Computing, Distributed Algorithms etc. He pursuing research work for PhD degree since April 2010. Before that he completed his Master of Engineering from Department of Information Technology in Jadavpur University, Kolkata in Software Engineering. He had four years of industrial software development experience with ZINFI Software Systems Pvt. Ltd. 

on February 02, 2012