Hey people… Back with another piece from my recent store. 18th of Feb 2011, the first time ever Karnataka State govt. held a fish fair in Palace ground, Tripura Vasini campus. Add to my privilege I was a part of it, being in CIFRI. I was placed in my stall with a duty of explaining inland culture, pen and cage culture. The entire fair was beaming with various colorful ornamental fishes, sea animals, different stylish, creative aquariums, tools, feeds, ornaments and to top it, a mouth watering food court with every possible cuisines of fishes.complete article

Posted by Manasi Mukherjee

She is a fish biologiest pursuing her research work at Central In-land Fishery Research Institute. She likes fish in any form, be it for her work or be it for food. She is passonate about dance. She loves to spend time with family and travel on vacations.

on March 03, 2011