Dedicated to my lovely mother and mother in law, two women whom I have idiolized in this role of my life. Being a women was never so easy, nor is it today. But believe me, it always is a beautiful journey. Being a daughter, then a wife and a daughter in law, to a mother, then a mother in law, and finally a grandma. The beauty is that all my elders have lived what i am living now and i would live what they are living now. This exchange makes every aspect of a woman's life more easy, respectful, ambitious, satisfactory, lovable and peaceful. Now I proudly say that "I AM A WOMAN".complete article

Posted by Manasi Mukherjee

She is a fish biologiest pursuing her research work at Central In-land Fishery Research Institute. She likes fish in any form, be it for her work or be it for food. She is passonate about dance. She loves to spend time with family and travel on vacations.

on December 30, 2011