Subho Dipaboli (Happy Diwali)

Before talking about anything, I wanna wish Subho Dipaboli (Happy Diwali) to all of my friends, reader and well wishers. Yet another festival of India, probably the biggest one in India. Most of the Indian decorate their home with lights, different kinds of lamps and candles. People plays with crackers. I do not have much idea about outside Bengal, cause I never been away from my friends and family in this particular event. Last year obviously I was not with my family, however I was in my friends home in Midnapur, celebrating Kali Puja in their home. complete article

She was Never so Beautiful

It all started and I had no hopes… … … It was benthic when aroused a small fragrance, blowing wind and a lovely sunshine calling me to the world of light, sound, color, and… … … I woke up… … complete article

Suvo Saradia 2010

Dear Friends, good wishes to all of you for Dugga Puja 2010. Enjoy every bit of it with your family and friends. As you know I am a Bengali and Durga Puja is the biggest festival in Kolkata. Light, Sounds, Pandals, Protima and more. We wear new cloths and going out with family and friends to enjoy the art, enjoy the lighting, enjoy the gatherings, enjoy everything. complete article