Bannerghatta National Park

Can you think of something that fascinates you the most and yet you like to keep the utmost distance from!!! I can. "SNAKES", yes thats rights, those are snakes. Neither do we share feelings of love nor rivalry for each other, but the bonding is such that we don't miss any opportunity of meeting. This time it was a visit to Bannerghatta National park, to see them and their friends and foes accompanied by m better half as my partner. It was June 18th, 2011, we reached the national park by 11 and opted for the safari to begin the journey. No doubt the safari was awesome, not becoz we had too many wild animals to see from a closer distance in their natural habitat but bcoz, I found humans caged, although in a big jeep and animals left free to run around in a comparatively bigger space. complete article