Pre-celebration: an epidemic to an unrest society

It all started with some mobile operator. Somewhere between 2005 and 2008. Indian mobile operators started blackout days when no special price pack would work. Usually, these are the celebration days when people wish their friends and family. What do you do in this situation? You will probably send a wish in advance. So did the whole India. I could remember people started wishing ‘happy new year!’ on the last day of the December. I used to believe one can wish new year in the whole month of January. Not in the month of December!! But it was the 31st of December, so I could understand the eagerness of wishing in advance. I never thought this could lead to a series of changes in our society. In the very next year when December 31st also marked as blackout day people started wishing even before.

It is not about the new year or blackout day anymore. This year, I received wish for Ratha Yatra in advance. There are people who wish for happy dashera, happy nabaratri, happy diwali, happy bijoya dashami all in advance. To my surprise, I saw people sharing pre-independence day celebration; and believe me, I got an email from CESC on Aug 13th wishing me happy independence day. I was like, what was that? Am I missing something, today is 15th or 13th? The reason it started is already an ancient system. People now use social media not SMS to send their wishes. Internet became cheaper than anything. You even get free internet in shopping malls, railway stations and many more places. Still, people can't wait until the 0th day. Why?

Although it looks like a tiny symptom, we should not ignore it. It is a serious illness from a societal point of view. Somewhere in our psyche we are growing restlessness. We are running very fast and when we run in speed, it is very hard to maintain a constant distance with others. Society capitalizes on relationships. A relation is created with trust and one need time to build that trust. With the restlessness within us, I don't know where we are heading. Every now and then you can find people are depressed, stressed and even trying to kill themselves. I feel a society needs to be happy and prosperous not depressed. What do you think?

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