I Never Knew

I am back friends, with few good and a few not so good incidences to share. As the 2011 was ending and the 2012 peeing in for an entry, I started to list down my new year resolutions. Ofcourse, I wasn't sure of achieving all, but had sorted out the most important ones. I am verry happy that I have achieved the one closest to my heart. I have enrollled myself into a dance academy to get a training in Bharatnatyam and Katthak. They are suppose to be two important dance forms of Indian classical types. It was my childhood dream to do this but never had an opportunity. My happiness gets doubled when I see myself doing this after my marriage. Often what indian women are deprived of in middle class families is something I have got as blessings. I am proud of my famuily and my husband for supporting this. I wish every women has such a beautiful and supportive family. This was the good incidence I wanted to share; and now comes the next...

Within these last two weeks, I had been appearing for a few interviews to enhance my career. Appearing an interview isn't something new or impulsive to me, but what came across as questions were out of my thought. Every person would expect the interviewer to question you on your skills, personality, interests, education etc. But to my surprise, I was asked only two important questions - the first one "As you are a married woman, how do you think you would be able to go to the fields for a longer span if needed?" and the second being, "When you are already into a project wherein you can work only with a computer, why do you want to opt for a field work? What if your family does not permit? How would you see to your family matters? You better work in your present project." These two were the criteria on the basis of which my eligibity was uncertain.

The next interview was for a fellowship in Singapore for my PhD. And for a surprise, my marriage was a prime hinderance of me qualifying it.

After these incidences, I am really made to think if our world is really supporting women and aiding their upliftment. Is equality being maintained between men and women. Are the same questions being asked to married men in an interview? Then why on earth do we "married women" have to answer them? I don't know how far the reservation of seats for women in various sectors will help us, but I am sure unless these thoughts are erradicated from every mind, women can never get their appropriate place in the society. Lets think over it and if possible raise a voice together. "Marriage is never a hinderence and if it is then men should be facing it equally well." What say!

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