"Shillong! The Scotland of the East." Unveiled

"Shillong! The Scotland of the East." I read it several times in the Internet. However, when we reached there it seemed just like another city. Weather was similar to our Kolkata. Humid! Not as cool as expected for hilly cities. It was October 3rd, 2011; we were expected to feel a bit cooler than it was. Anyway, the next morning, we decided to visit Mawsynram; hired a taxi; and then I realized why it might be "The Scotland of East!".

Mawsynram a small village, around 55 Kms away from the main city Shillong. The beauty of Mawsynram is not limited to Mawsynram itself; the way is full of natural beauties; its scattered forests, farm lands, different shades of green, clouds roaming around, sounds of water flows, took us to another world; A Dream World. It really was a dream world. Our car was playing around the clouds, often we were inside the clouds or sometimes on top of it. We stopped our car several times to enjoy it.

Album: Mawsynram

The roads were very flat compared to any other Himalayan ranges I had visited so far. Weather here was not so cool though but felt cooler when we were passing through the clouds. We knew that the unofficial wettest place over the world is Mawsynram. We reached the spot but no sign of rain yet. We found the cave was closed for that day due to some uncertain reason. However, we were able to jump over the gate and visit the Shiva linga created naturally due to the limestone formations.  

Our next destination was Jakrem. It was on the same route, but we needed to take a left turn during our return. It was around 15 Kms from Mawsynram. We took the left turn and found a totally different landscape. Here, you can find Fern covered mountain along the way. In one spot, we found a river flowing between tthe mountain ranges. We stopped and tried to capture the beauty with my camera, which was the toughest task throughout the day. It was quite impossible to frame the landscape around. The driver told us that the river coming from the Jakrem. This time we were lucky. The sky was getting darker and darker, and suddenly it started raining. It was raining heavily in no time. We ran into our car and went towards Jakrem. The moment of crossing the old wood floored bridge on the rain makes me speechless again. I forgot everything and watched the nature at its best.  

We reached there, and it was still raining. The driver gave us his half broken umbrella. Walking in the nature at its most romantic mood, with the person I love, was a moment of my life. The hot water, we went to see had the least meaning then; we just wanted to be together as close as possible with the nature. We kept roaming around for a while. The cold I was looking for was there. Due to the rain, I kept my camera in the car. So I do not have any images except my memories to share with. :-) 

I never got a chance to visit Scotland yet, comparing may look unconvincing. So, I will keep this question open until I get a chance to visit Scotland. However, the place is definitely blessed by the nature.

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