A tour with friends: Tajpur

I believe one can find friends in their schools, colleges, universities but never in their offices. In office, they are only colleagues. But I am blessed with some very good friends from my past office.

Winter is knocking on the door again for the year, suddenly "winter tour" sparks into my mind. I have no idea whether we would be able to manage time together or not! Or they had similar plan this year or not! Last few years we had; and spend a great time together. Each year around this time, someone of them used to call me and asked to suggest a place or suggest a suitable time and so on. At the end we arranged a tour hurriedly but enjoy splendidly on those few days. When this is going on my mind, I thought of our last year tour. I forgot to process and upload photographs of the tour, so decided to do that now. I am bit lazy you see.

One fine morning, probably was a Sunday, Sumanta called me and informed me the time and place of the tour. It was Tajpur. Note, this is not Tezpur of Assam. Click to View Full AlbumOur tour was arranged so hurriedly that we were unable to arrange any transport options. Still the tour was possible because Sudip used his influence and arranged our bus tickets. Sudip, one of my college friends, I am still in touch with. We met on the first day of our college back in 2001 and also worked together in the same company for couple of years. Anyway, other members of our team includes Onkar, the CEO ;) (hi hi hi...), little Richik and his mother Suman. Don't be confused, Richik's mother has the same name as mine. The last member in the tour was Ganesh da. Left out person of our troop was Ayan and for obvious reason, we missed him in the whole tour.

About Tajpur: Tajpur is a small sea beach between Shankarpur and Mandarmoni. If you are a sea water lover, it would not be the perfect choice for you to visit. Unlike other sea beaches, the water is full of mud. I was wondering what might be the reason. This could be because it was just beside an estuary. Also the water was stinking.

If you are nature photographer, you might find sufficiently large number of objects to feed your camera. Although most of us were carrying cameras only me and Sumanta was interested in nature photography. So we were with our camera always, ready to explore the nature. Around my resort we did some wonderful photography on the day we reached and the following morning. You can view those pictures in the photo album "Tajpur, Bengal", not all of them are uploaded yet. We had few handsome micro photos in the beach and obviously a few photos of sunset as well. I will upload those soon in a separate album and update the post. Before finishing this post, I want to say, the dense forest of Tamarisk trees beside the beach is the most attractive. It is very newly discovered tourist spot, so the crowd was very very less. Walking around the beach or inside the forest, specially during sunset is really amazing. Resorts are not much developed yet. Yaa you will get food for sure, but not much of a restaurant standard. Room facilities are yet to improve. Though this is a year back report, still the development will probably make the place attractive for general tourists but for a person like me, the silence makes more attraction and I throughly enjoyed that in the tour.

For ref: The closest resort is http://tajpur.in/

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