Sunset at Tilpara Barrage

Sunset at TilparaA large red ball disappearing behind the darkness on the horizon is one of the most beautiful seen I missed in my daily life. Once it was a daily habit to end my day after the sunset. And most of the time it was ignored as it is very much the same thing happening every single day. And now when I am living in a city, I could not even find the full blue sky above me. Now when It comes around me without prior knowledge, I am always amazed by its beauty.

February 8th, 2011 a small group, including me went to a wedding ceremony at Siuri, Birbhum. Apart from our long journey, my day was, neither good nor bad. I had no idea that soon it would be the most romantic evening I had in recent years. Just before the evening, someone asked us whether we have visited some places nearby or not, and she refers us to visit the Tilpara Barrage. We had nothing to do, and opted for the option.

From Siuri bus stand, it was around 6 to 8 Kms (No exact idea). It takes 15 minutes to reach there by our Scorpio. Tilpara Barrage is situated in Mayurakshi River, as per my wiki search, it is around 300 meters in length.

Probably, it was our luck that we visited the place just about the perfect time. I saw few birds taking the last sunshine of the day seated on a concrete wall. And our Sun is preparing to leave us for the day. He is just behind a tree. I was not expecting to see a sunset there. Though I carried my camera to capture few snaps of Tilpara barrage yet the sunset became my first subject in that evening.

Unknowingly, this came to me, and I was really happy to see it again. Most importantly, I could manage to carry few good views what I was enjoying with my bare eyes. Please take a look at another beauty of nature. Hope all of you will enjoy the photos.