I wasn’t the fish in the fish fair. Yet...

Hey people… Back with another piece from my recent store. 18th of Feb 2011, the first time ever Karnataka State govt. held a fish fair in Palace ground, Tripura Vasini campus. Add to my privilege I was a part of it, being in CIFRI. I was placed in my stall with a duty of explaining inland culture, pen and cage culture. The entire fair was beaming with various colorful ornamental fishes, sea animals, different stylish, creative aquariums, tools, feeds, ornaments and to top it, a mouth watering food court with every possible cuisines of fishes.

Although the fair went on till 21st Feb, the shoal swirled only on 20th (Sunday). There were people from every corner of the state. Kids to elders everyone enjoyed their bit. There were few with genuine queries and few for time pass. But for me, 18th was very special. The first time I felt as if I was a celebrity. I was with my Scientist to visit the stalls around, and suddenly, the camera men started asking us for poses with the fishes. I had no idea who they were! The mirage ended up with my interview taken by TV9 Kannada news channel. The reporter asked me to watch it at 10PM. The entire day was just so much fun. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to watch it. A student of mine congratulated me on Facebook, which made me actually know that it was being telecasted.

Surprises continued till 20th, when one of my colleague showed my photograph in Kannada Prabha news paper published on 19th Feb. I didn’t know how to react to all these situations. Frankly speaking, I just kept laughing thinking of the incidences, and finally concluded that ”life is seriously unpredictable at times and fun at most.” Winking smile


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