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Suman KunduApril 03, 2012

Category: Education

I had created TheUnspokenWords back in Oct 2010. Although I am happy with the interfaces which my readers navigates trough, yet I am compromising with no admin interfaces. Recently I updated the Gallery section and this takes time. In between my site sufferers for new content. Honestly, I could not able to manage myself as a writer and developer. In 2010, I was a happy user of MS Windows, so I was using MS WLW for publishing my posts. Soon I detached from MS Windows for a better alternative GNU/Linux. Currently I am using Kubuntu and Fedora KDE. So, the best options I could use for publishing my posts is Blogilo. Though Blogilo is a very nice program for KDE users, but I found some issues with it. For example, I need to upload the images separately through FTP. Anyway, I have no issues to do some work manually before publishing my posts. But, that only solves a single problem to a very large problem set. So, I decided to create admin section for the site. I have two option to do this. First, create a web interface to manage the site content or, second, create a desktop application to manage my more

Suman KunduMarch 05, 2012

Category: Internet

Dear Friend,

A struggle with my BSNL Broadband finally ended, and I want to share it with you. It was started five days back when my network was switched from NIB I to NIB II (I suppose). I applied for a plan change in the month of February 2012 and was told that my network needed to be switched, to support the new broadband plans. It took days of follow up before they finally switched my network. You might have faced the same pain with BSNL. Anyway, my IP address used to be 59.x.x.x. but now it is assigned 117.x.x.x. After switching from NIB I to NIB II, I was not able to browse as I used to be. Few websites, e.g.,,, were not opening at all. Even with few websites of BSNL, I was facing the same issue. Few sites were opening partially. I know it was not the issue of DNS, as I could see from the message of the status bar that the DNS look up was already completed, and the browser was waiting for the response from those more

Suman KunduMarch 02, 2012

Category: Personal Blogs

অাজ শহরের ব্যস্ততা নেই, নেই অফিস যাওয়ার তারা, ঘরিটা তবু বেজে উঠল, অন্ন্য দিনের থেকে একটু অাগেই। মনে পরলো, কাল ঘুমোতে যাওয়ার সময় ঘরিতে alarm দিতে হয়েছিল। সকাল সকাল খেঁজুরের রস খাওয়ার কথা! কতো বছর খাইনি! ঘুম ঘুম চোখে খিলটা সরিয়ে দরজাটা খুলতেই দেখলাম একটুকরো রোদ সামনের মেঝেতে পরেছে, খুব মিস্টি লাগলো। দাড়িয়ে মুগ্ধ হয়ে দেখলাম, সূযের্‌‌‌‍‍‍‌র অালোয় নতুন বোনা ধানের খেতগুলি ঝলমল করছে। বেশ ঠান্ডা, শহর কলিকাতার থেকে অনেকটাই বেশী। দারুন উপভোগ্য। সেই '৯৯ এ ছেরেগেছি অার এখন ২০১২, তেরোটা বছর কেটেগেল। মাঝে অনেকবার এসেছি বটে, কিন্ত সকাল দেখার সুজোগ পাইনি (অাসলে দিইনি)। প্রতিবারই, কয়েক ঘন্টা কাটিয়ে রওনা দিয়েছি ইট, পাথরের শহর, কলকাতায়। এবারে ব্যাপারটা একটু অালাদা। প্রথম থেকেই ঠিকছিল ২ টি রাত কাটানোর, যদিও idea টা আমার ছিল না। খেঁজুরের রস, ১০৮ শিব মন্দির সবকিছুর plan-ই বনের ইচ্ছেয়। তাই কাল সন্ধেয় এসেছি, অামাদের গ্রাম, "কৃষ্ণদেবপুর"-এ। এখান থেকেই আমার পথ চলার শুরু।
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Suman KunduFebruary 02, 2012

Category: Information Technology

My journey from Microsoft to FOSS was first reported in my earlier post Move on: Windows to Linux. Time to time I talked about those applications I found useful. The current post is about an alternating application to a MS Windows application. I have a long list of titles in my movie collection and I used to use an application to cataloging them. Ant Movie Catalog, (referred as AMC in the later part of this article) Which is again an open source application. Since I moved to Linux I was facing difficulties. I vigorously searching for an appropriate solution. Recently, I found the ANSWER it. Griffith is a perfect replacement for Ant Movie more

Manasi MukherjeeJanuary 17, 2012

Category: Society

I am back friends, with few good and a few not so good incidences to share. As the 2011 was ending and the 2012 peeing in for an entry, I started to list down my new year resolutions. Ofcourse, I wasn't sure of achieving all, but had sorted out the most important ones. I am verry happy that I have achieved the one closest to my heart. I have enrollled myself into a dance academy to get a training in Bharatnatyam and Katthak. They are suppose to be two important dance forms of Indian classical types. It was my childhood dream to do this but never had an opportunity. My happiness gets doubled when I see myself doing this after my marriage. Often what indian women are deprived of in middle class families is something I have got as blessings. I am proud of my famuily and my husband for supporting this. I wish every women has such a beautiful and supportive family. This was the good incidence I wanted to share; and now comes the more

Suman KunduJanuary 06, 2012

Category: Information Technology

In my previous post in this series (Linux Application: MyPaint), I talked about an application of special purpose. This post, however, concentrated on an application, one may need very often. Are you having a scanner? Do you prefer Linux over Windows? If your answer is YES for both questions, this post is for you. Even of your answers are NO you are also welcome to teast a bite of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software).

I was using Ubuntu 11.10 with KDE desktop for few months. Recently, I decided to go with pure KDE, so I run the script suggested in Psychocats. Now I am having Kubuntu 11.10. During the process, I lost few software useful to me, and I was not aware that it includes the scanning application I was using untill today. Today when I was trying to scan few documents, I found there is no default application for scanning documents. I searched the net for an application, specifically for KDE. Here what my search leading me more

Suman KunduDecember 31, 2011

Category: Miscellaneous

Another year is about to end and a very new colorful year is knocking the door. Wish the new year bring all the happiness to everyones life. Okay! Thats it. Appert from all those fancy words, my heartiest wish to all of my readers and their family a very very colorful new year 2012. A small token I created for all of you. Njoy!read more