Ubuntu 11.04 Wireless Problem for Lenovo Ideapad z570 Atheros Partial Resolution

The Story: Recently I got a laptop as a gift from my wife. My first laptop. :) I was interested to install Linux distribution. So, I took the system with free DOS. Specification of the system is,

Model: Lenovo Ideapad z570
Processor: Intel Core i5 2nd generation 2410 with 3GB RAM
Graphics: Integrated Intel HD 3000 with 15.6" Display

I downloaded Ubuntu and tried the latest version 11.04. 32 bit off course. I had faced some installation issues too, but will soon discuss in a different post. I have a Netgear ADSL wireless router. It was already configured for wi-fi usage in my home. So I was expecting a smooth Internet connection in my laptop using the wireless.

The Problem: The Wireless was not working and it popped a message "Wireless disabled".

The Solution: I double checked the hardware lock, and reset the wirless hardware from BIOS. The message in the network changed to "Device not ready". Now I started Googling for resolving the same as soon as possible. Most of the threads have discussed the issue, either for Broadcom wirless cards or for different versions of Ubuntu. However my laptop has a wirless card of Atheros and I am using Ubuntu 11.04. I checked the output of rfkill list. Which indicates the wireless is soft blocked. So, I unblocked it with the command sudo rfkill unblock all. But the problem remains the same, "Device not ready".

I tried different commands to identify the exact problem. These commands include, lshw, lspci, iwconfig etc. I may not be the novice in the linux domain, but I am not an expert too. So, I hardly could interpret those outputs. Only thing I could recognize was that the wireless network showed "disable". Hence I restarted the search. Finally I got to see a nice post on the same subject and applied the last solution, that is I removed the network manager and installed wicd. And to get this done, I run the following command in terminal, sudo apt-get install wicd && sudo apt-get remove network-manager*. Restart the system and thats it. Now my Internet is working like charm.

The Next Problem: I was using the wireless system and life was going smoothly untill last morning. The night before I hibernated the system, and tried to resume in the morning; and found the wireless not working again. I opened the wicd network manager, and the message was "No Wireless Connection.". Confusion again! Tried to get the device status from rfkill list and lshw. Everything seamed okay in rfkill, but the network was disabled in lshw. Now I needed to search the net and thus I plugged the Ethernet wire. And guess what, my wireless is again detected by the wicd network manager. So guys, if you know the command to activate the device after hibernate, please let me know.

Will update the post if I get the solution from someone.

[Update (August 10th, 2011)] Solution: After "Wake Up" or "Resume" the system from Sleep/Hibernate mode, run sudo rfkill unblock all to get it working again. :)

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