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In my previous post in this series (Linux Application: MyPaint), I talked about an application of special purpose. This post, however, concentrated on an application, one may need very often. Are you having a scanner? Do you prefer Linux over Windows? If your answer is YES for both questions, this post is for you. Even of your answers are NO you are also welcome to teast a bite of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software).

I was using Ubuntu 11.10 with KDE desktop for few months. Recently, I decided to go with pure KDE, so I run the script suggested in Psychocats. Now I am having Kubuntu 11.10. During the process, I lost few software useful to me, and I was not aware that it includes the scanning application I was using untill today. Today when I was trying to scan few documents, I found there is no default application for scanning documents. I searched the net for an application, specifically for KDE. Here what my search leading me to...

I found that an application named Kooka was the default application for scanning in KDE but it was replaced since the project was inactive for a long time. So, there is no way to get it installed from the repository. The application replaced it was Skanlite. The installation command for Ubuntu/Kubuntu is sudo apt-get install skanlite. This is a nice application. But it is designed to scan images, and I was supposed to scan documents. It is possible to scan documents in image mode with low dpi, but it comes with some overhead. Most of the time the background comes gray, which in terns make the file size larger; and also takes more color than usueal when taking prints. I did not try to find if there exists any other options to manage the same. I was actually missing one of the simplest scan tools I used earlier.

I searched again and found another application Xsane. Installation code: sudo apt-get install xsane. It seems to be having an ugly looking interface. So, I avoid to explore further. Then I decided to install the same application that I had with Gnome: Simple Scan.

Simple Scan: To install use sudo apt-get install simple-scan. For Kubuntu users, it installs only few Gnome libraries, but the application is worth to it. Simple Scan is perfect for scanning images as well as documents. You can also scan multiple documents and save them as a pdf file. The best thing is its interface; clean and simple. Below is a default screenshot. As the name suggests it is truly the simplest scanning programm available for linux users.

Simple Scan

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