Alternate Application: Griffith for Ant Movie Catelog

My journey from Microsoft to FOSS was first reported in my earlier post Move on: Windows to Linux. Time to time I talked about those applications I found useful. The current post is about an alternating application to a MS Windows application. I have a long list of titles in my movie collection and I used to use an application to cataloging them. Ant Movie Catalog, (referred as AMC in the later part of this article) Which is again an open source application. Since I moved to Linux I was facing difficulties. I vigorously searching for an appropriate solution. Recently, I found the ANSWER it. Griffith is a perfect replacement for Ant Movie catalog.

What is AMC?

AMC is an free and open source software to manage your collection of movies. The software is built for MS Windows, and creators claimed that it works in GNU/Linux via Wine. 

How to make catalog in AMC?

Create the catalog by adding movie title. AMC contains scripts to fetch Internet data and update details about titles. The details include poster image, plot, credits, length of the move, genre, synopsis and more.

What is Griffith?

Is a cross platform media collection management software. It is also a free software released under GPL2.

What makes Griffith a perfect alternative to AMC?

» Griffith is a simple application to list all your media. It tabularize the list in the left pan and the details of the movie is summarized in the right pan similar to AMC. 
» Adding movie title is pretty simple and you only need to enter the title, rest can be fetched from Internet. Default website for getting information is IMDB. There are lots of other to choose from.
» You already have a big list of films. Don't worry, it is easy to import AMC files in Griffith. It is not perfect though, but it is easy to import and then modify fine details if needed.
» It is free just like AMC and more importantly it is cross platform.

The Bad

The thing worried me a lot is that Griffith is not in active development stage. The last stable version released in year 2008.

Is there any other alternative?

Yes. One of the other alternative is GCStar. I found GCStar is also a very nice collection management application. I intentionally put the collection management instead media collection management because you may create other kind of collections too (e.g. Book Collection). It has more features than Griffith and it provides few freedom to the users like adding new fields for adding customized informations. My experience with GCStar gone bumpy. I found the import from AMC not work correctly. I got error after reopening it. So decided not to use it further. The good thing here is that its development is still in active mode. So, the bugs might be soon removed and in future I could again considered it.

Final Words

Media lovers always needs a great catalog management software. Most important utility is to search through the list and find some finer details from it. There are few proprietary software to use for the purpose. However from the beginning I preferred the free and open source softwares. Ant Movie catalog was my earlier choice. AMC is a very nice application but is mostly limited to MS Windows platform. But its alternative application Griffith has no such limitations. Both application provides good set of tools to create and maintain a media collections. There are other alternative as well, spend some time with them and choose the one you like most. Keep listing... :) 

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