Iceman On Fire - Kimi Back To The F1 Podium

The result of last formula one round is now known to every race lover. This was the fourth round of formula one 2012 championship, and we saw four different drivers on the top spot of the podium. For the first time after his comeback we saw him alongside to the winner. Yes, I am talking about Kimi, the Iceman.

Photo courtesy www.formula1.comI started following formula one when the first Indian driver, Narain Kartikeyan ran wheels in Albert Park circuit in Australia. It was 2005! As far as I remember the championship was mainly competed by Alonso and Kimi; and in few races, I saw Kimi finishing in the podium from back of the grid. I thought it might be normal to the category of races. Soon I realized that it was the speed of Iceman, who made it look so easy, but actually, an overtaking is very difficult with formula one. I became a fan of Iceman, and followed his races regularly. There are lot of talented drivers in the track, but Kimi is the only Iceman in the track, and that is what I like the most about him.

In 2009, when Kimi decided not to play formula one race further, I was so disheartened that I stopped following few races after. I pray for Kimi's come back throughout 2010 season. However, it takes long time than I expected. I recollected myself, and started finding some other drivers to support in the championship. Finally, Kimi joins Lotus in 2012 season. It was a life saving for my hunt.

During the weekend of China's race, I was in Hyderabad and thus was unable to see Kimi fighting at position 2. The result was disappointing. Probably, the Iceman was waiting for me to watch his first podium after comeback. It was delightful to watch Kimi running from 11th position to 2nd and fighting for a win as well. Just like old days - same fiery Iceman on the grid. Go Kimi go..

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