Formula One Passion Reminisce

One race to go. Four drivers. One title. Each driver has chance to get the title, at least mathematically. This was the situation right now a week back. Yes I am talking about formula one final race at Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi. Today it is history, you may already know the results; if still unaware you may Google and get the full result, review, news, press conference after the race and lots of other stuffs.

It is unnecessary to repeat the same story; right? Let me tell you something diff. Let me give an overview, of how I enjoyed their fight. How text becomes an image and image becomes video. How reading gives you same adrenalin flow like seating in the cockpit.

It was almost 6:30 PM in India, and this was the time in India when the race is going to start. In our locality, we use cable TV, and they transmit whatever they think is meaningful. So, I was tensed, cause how many people would prefer formula one, when there is a cricket match going on, a football match is scheduled along with the Asian games. And yes I am losing hope, after vigorous searches, I did not get Star Sports. smile_sad 

Certainly! Right on the moment they switch some sports channel and started transmitting Star Sports. Yap! Game on. 3 min to go and I am here to watch it. My favorite Vettel, only have mathematical chances to win got the pole. And the rival teammate Mark is in 5th. At least, Vettel start at the position that gives him the mathematical advantage.

I was bit tensed at the start, and yes it was little tough too. Lewis almost covered the distance and going to overtake Vettel. However, luck was with this young German. Also Alonso lost a place. I was happy. But for how long was the question, we need another man between us and Alonso. Plus Lewis was pushing very hard. Certainly, I lost the channel. It was replaced by ESPN for football. smile_sad I started searching again. And found they think some cricket match with very low ranking teams is more important than formula one final race. It is even more meaningful to showing 30 News channel showing either same or invalid news then formula one. After 5 to 10 min searching, I was so depressed that I turn off my TV and start eating. smile_teeth

However, eating can’t make me forget that my contender still had chance to win the race. I ran towards my PC and start Google for streaming. I got nothing. The only available things was Live Timing from formula one official website. I got another thing, live commentary from Wow.. In between, I lost lot of things, but the latest update was “Petrov is 10th with Alonso 11th, Webber 12th, then Alguersuari 4.2s back in 13th and Massa is still unable to get past him.” Where is Vettel? Where is he? Question running in my mind. I got it. He is probably on 2nd behind may be Rosberg. That is not much of interest, so I forgot.

I was continuously reading the commentary, watching the timing screen. I was pushing Kubica to get more gap. I was hoping no further accident or safety car or any mechanical failure for the front runner. I can’t even imagine that this kind of passion still remains for any sports inside me. I started to visualize things. How much frustrated Alonso was. The sound of the engine running. Someone was going to pit, whether it was Kubica? Where he was going to come? All are running question in my mind. I need to wait. Wait for few second. It is a micro second game and the commentary was coming like I am in the 50s or 60s. Kidding! They are really quick on it. Even official timing screen updates later than auto sports.

Lap by lap, second by second my heart beat running faster and faster, I thank god it did not stop to hear “Sebastian Vettel wins in Abu Dhabi and is the 2010 Formula 1 world champion!” Really a moment, I stood up in shear joy and happiness. First time since 2007 I found myself in such a way. And first time in my live I watched almost half of a race only by reading. It was really an experience. After a week today also I am feeling it was something that really made me happy. Congrats Vettel for making the title in the last race also thank you for filling the gap I got after Kimi leave.smile_regular  

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