Learn Qt With Me - Introduction

I had created TheUnspokenWords back in Oct 2010. Although I am happy with the interfaces which my readers navigates trough, yet I am compromising with no admin interfaces. Recently I updated the Gallery section and this takes time. In between my site sufferers for new content. Honestly, I could not able to manage myself as a writer and developer. In 2010, I was a happy user of MS Windows, so I was using MS WLW for publishing my posts. Soon I detached from MS Windows for a better alternative GNU/Linux. Currently I am using Kubuntu and Fedora KDE. So, the best options I could use for publishing my posts is Blogilo. Though Blogilo is a very nice program for KDE users, but I found some issues with it. For example, I need to upload the images separately through FTP. Anyway, I have no issues to do some work manually before publishing my posts. But, that only solves a single problem to a very large problem set. So, I decided to create admin section for the site. I have two option to do this. First, create a web interface to manage the site content or, second, create a desktop application to manage my site.

Having an web interface would only add more problems to the existing one. First of all I have to redesign the interface to have admin section. Second, I need to work on javascript again, which I hate the most. Definitely, it has its positive side but if I chose the other option I might learn some new things; and the new thing I chalked out so far is Qt and Python. Python, I know very little and Qt I have no idea so far. So, two new technology and a fresh wish to learn.

About Me:

As my own interpretation, I am not an programming expert, I know few programming languages and had experience on industry level software development. Prior to join research, I was in software development industry for 4 years and had been a part of web application development. So far I acquired knowledge on C, C++, Java, C#, ASP.Net. Though I consider the student of these subjects I have enough experience to do work for long projects on these language. About the subject I am going to talk, I have no knowledge or prior experiences.

How These Talks will be Organized?

As I am going to develop the application I will be learning few simple, few complex "Know How" about Qt and Python. I will be sharing these knowledge with you. I will try to make these simple and interesting. I don't know how much I would be successful. Let see.


This will be a series of talk on Python and Qt. To be frank, this talk is not a "Quick Start with Qt and/or Python". This is also not a "Qt manual or reference". This tutorial follows a goal. A goal to create an application having some features. The features required to manage my own website. The website is TheUnspokenWords.

To follow the tutorial you don't have to have knowledge about Python, or about Qt. Even I don't have right now. But yes, I am not going to teach you how to program. It will be nice of my readers are aware about any programming language. My requirement and visions might be different about certain features, you are welcome to suggest. We might end up with nice application.

Being said these lets start development.


As you see, I am a lazy person, so I always prefer assistance from already developed software. I will be using Eric for Python coding. To install Eric in Ubuntu or Kubuntu open a terminal and type

sudo apt-get install eric

Another tools we will be using for designing is Qt Designer. To install it in Ubuntu or Kubuntu open a terminal and type

sudo apt-get install libqt4-designer

I have Python already installed. You can install it in Ubuntu or Kubuntu open a terminal and type

sudo apt-get install python

Python Qt Binding:

There are two binding available to Python for Qt. One PyQt and another is PySide. I will be using PySide, to install it run

sudo apt-get install pyside-tools

in the terminal. If you are interested to using PyQt, you can install it by typing

sudo apt-get install python-qt4

in the terminal. Difference between them can be found here.

So now everything in the place. In the next talk, we will be coding our first program with Qt.

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