Encountered with the new UGC NET

I appeared for the UGC NET for the second time in my life. Let me tell you about my first experience. In a single line, it was horrible. I agreed that I was under prepared, but I was really wondered to see the exam pattern. My God, what they expect from the future Researchers and Lecturers. Neither it intended to determine how good is your reasoning skills are as per the researcher dynamics, nor it tries to judge how excellent is your teaching ability. Then what exactly it testing? According to me, it used to qualify you based on how closer your skills compare to a Donkey's attitude. Well probably, this is how our country doing research right now. And with obvious reason, I was not fitting to the model. I then decided not to appear further, unless they think un other than donkey, and with another shocking step, the UGC decided to go by another way sooner than I expected. It is probably a well-known news that, UGC NET is now MCQ.

When I came to know, I immediately decided to try it again, and yesterday I wrote it. First of all, I was writing an exam after a long two and half years. It was bit uncomfortable to be in the exam hall. I feel little old to be there. My reflexes are not up to my expectation. However, I managed to complete all the three papers, without leaving any question due to time constrains.

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In-spite off no preparation, I was able to answer more than 50% in first two papers and 45% in the last paper. Although it was not good enough to expect qualification, but the examiners (question comities) were surely under prepared. Probably, they were late to decide on MCQ and hurriedly prepared the question paper. Most of the questions were easy, and was on the basic knowledge of the subjects. The point to note here is that I written UGC NET for Computer Science and Application. So, there might be different difficulty level with other subjects.

Come to the major points; first, there are few questions, with this cyber age no one bothers to memorize. In-fact you don't need to when you just could Google it. For example, in which ISO version SGML got included in HTML standard. Similarly, if one working in a research lab, they will have a reference manual with the list of chip numbers. You might have other important things to remember other than which one is an interrupt controller, which one is a micro controller and so on. Second, few questions are way too outside of the purpose, e.g. finding syntax error of a prolog code snippet. It's hardly matters whether you use Prolog or Python or Perl for your coding. So asking for a compiler's jobs is probably asking too much from a researcher or a lecturer. Finally, there is no need to have separate paper II and paper III. It could easily be merged into one.

It is expected that the standard of questions will not be the same in the future. As the exam format gets mature, it might be tougher compare to this. However, one can prepare for the exam for sure. Furthermore, during preparation, you won't find yourself a Donkey. At the end, I want to congratulate UGC for a good step forward to this important exam format. Hope for further improvement to it with a world-class standard. Meanwhile, decide for writing NET in the next time and prepare accordingly. Good Luck.

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