Cheat Champs

INVIGILATION!!!!!!!!!!!! A word of hatred for both the students as well as the invigilator. A student’s biggest enemy in an examination hall is an invigilator. An invigilator finds it difficult whirling around, with no work. A watchman has a better time, at least can take a nap, or have a cup of coffee if needed. It’s the same with me when it’s part of my work. However, this time I had decided, I would enjoy it. ENJOY!!!!!! O u heard that right!

Last month I had the same restless watchman ship. This time I had made my mind to just not invigilate but look into or rather spy on the ideas of the students about cheating or copying. Its not something unknown to me. I have seen many wonderful ideas from m childhood till this age. But just was curious to know if there could be advancement in it. M not talking about the technical ideas of using microphones or so. Just the skillful small ideas. You all must be finding me crazy, thinking, me being in the education field is promoting such a thing, but it isn’t so. Just wanted to share my idea of finding people’s intelligence in various fields.

This task made my invigilation duty an unforgettable experience. Just wanted to share with all.

The first day of my invigilation. Mathematics… I found new ideas of comparing final results of mathematical problems. A student asked permission to borrow calculator as he had forgotten to carry. I permitted. And the first shock that I found was the final answer was typed in the calculator before he gave it back. The process of result comparison continued with different neighbor friends until I found his own calculator lying under the table. smile_tongue

Second day of invigilation. I wasn’t ready for this big surprise, but chemistry being a mystery. I expected something new; and this time it was Clark’s table. Expectedly people carry different chits inside it. However this was different. While I was on rounds, I found one student’s Clark table with a page having an answer matching question number 33 in the question paper which he had marked as the answer no 33. On enquiring, I found that the paper had leaked two days ago. He had paid 5000 bucks along with his other 25 friends; and for the wonder of his intelligence he yet had to carry the answers. smile_wink

Physics again had some surprises. A girl had carried an additional sheet with all the answers intact, which she tied up with the main sheet. This meant again that this paper had leaked too, and she had theft an additional sheet in the previous exam. Unfortunately, the additional sheet had no signature of the invigilator which is a must, and she was caught.

Well, last but not the least the bio paper. I didn’t get to invigilate coz m the one who handles it; but surprises didn’t end. Bio yet had a surprise for me, and to be true the best one. While correcting a paper of a student, I found something strange. He had begun all the answers with topics relating to bio but ended up with some mathematical derivations. After a long thinking, I could find no reasons, but later when I enquired about the student said he knew no answers; and students sitting around him in the examination hall belonged to electronics. Bond with a habit of copying from others, he could not stop himself, but copy down the electronics answers into his bio answer paper. He ended up with a statement saying mam half a loaf is better than no bread smile_teeth Intelligent isn’t it???

Well friends, time for you all to rate the best one here. Hope you enjoyed reading it. smile_regular

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