Suvo Saradia 2010

Dear Friends, good wishes to all of you for Dugga Puja 2010. Enjoy every bit of it with your family and friends. As you know I am a Bengali and Durga Puja is the biggest festival in Kolkata. Light, Sounds, Pandals, Protima and more. We wear new cloths and going out with family and friends to enjoy the art, enjoy the lighting, enjoy the gatherings, enjoy everything.

This year, I wont have any plan to going out with friends. Most of my local friends are out of Kolkata due to either their studies or due to their work. So, I thought it would be a lonely Puja for me. Yesterday (moha sashthi) morning, during my yoga time, I heard the beats of Dhak from our Pandal. I heard it for the first time this year and felt little down cause I could not be able to going out this year.

After half an hour I got a call from one of my friend and ask me whether I am interested to going out with her and others. I was on my foot. Suddenly it looks a very cheerful, we planed to meet after our work and roam around north Kolkata. I wear a new shirt and my new denim trouser. Though due to a full day work it was a little old when we were out. smile_wink

As usual our journey start from Ultodanga Station; some Puja we saw includes Kor Bagan, Telenga Bagan, Jubo Brindo, Gouri Bari, Nolini Sarkar Street, Hanti Bagan, Kashi Bose Lane. Though our Puja Porikroma ended without some big names like Bag Bajar, Kumortuli, Aheritola, Beniyatola thanks to Laxmi and Gangs; they came 1hr late (I was waiting for full 1 hour, alone smile_sad), yet we enjoy extremely(total mosti). Nothing is as good as being with friends in this cultural event.

I wont take camera with me, so wont be able to show you pictures of all Pandals we covered. Hope you may get this from other people around. I only include one which I found is the most traditional protima and taken out from photo album of Laxmi; So, courtesy goes to her.

After yesterday, today also I got a chance to going out with my Jadavpur University(JU) friends in south Kolkata. We had a lunch together and then saw some beautiful Puja Pandals and Protima like Santaspur Park, Jodhpur Park, Tal Tala, Babu Bagan and few I forgot names. In a whole I got a wonder full start of this Puja. Next two days with family, and one day for me only; so it is going to be the perfect Puja for me. Hope all of you also having the same. Happy Puja friends, enjoy, enjoy and enjoy.