Pre-celebration: an epidemic to an unrest society

It all started with some mobile operator. Somewhere between 2005 and 2008. Indian mobile operators started blackout days when no special price pack would work. Usually, these are the celebration days when people wish their friends and family. What do you do in this situation? You will probably send a wish in advance. So did the whole India. I could remember people started wishing ‘happy new year!’ on the last day of the December. I used to believe one can wish new year in the whole month of January. Not in the month of December!! But it was the 31st of December, so I could understand the eagerness of wishing in advance. I never thought this could lead to a series of changes in our society. In the very next year when December 31st also marked as blackout day people started wishing even before. complete article

Varna System in Modern India

It is unfortunate that in India everyone belongs to a group (referred to caste) just based on their birth. But the essence of Varna system was different than the current practice. Purhaphs modern India now has two different systems. One is the birth-based caste system and another one is very close to the code of conduct of the original Varna protha. However, I fear the same fate is waiting for the latter one as well. complete article

বৃক্ষ নিধন যজ্ঞ

মহাভারতের শুরুতে আমরা সর্প সত্র বা সর্প-নিধন যজ্ঞের উল্লেখ পাই। মহারাজা জনমেজয়ের সে মহতী যজ্ঞে সহস্রাধিক সাপের নিধন করা হয়। সেমত বঙ্গদেশেও এক যজ্ঞ চলিতেছে। উন্নয়নের যজ্ঞ। তবে উন্নয়ন মানে কি সুধুই গাছ কাটা? ভবিষ্যতে কি বাংলা সবুজ শূন্য হয়ে যাবে? লিখছেন সুমন কুণ্ডু তার ব্যক্তিগত অভিজ্ঞতা থেকে। সম্পূর্ণ নিবন্ধ

Religious Expansion: Consequences and an Alternative

People follow religions for peace. Religions are nothing but some set of ideologies to make the life bit easy in the natural habitat. But the motivation of these religions is to increase their followers even beyond their natural environment. They use power and tricks to fulfill this goal. Victims are always peaceful human being. Read on to know the consequences of the religious expansion and an alternative view of the author. complete article

I Never Knew

I am back friends, with few good and a few not so good incidences to share. As the 2011 was ending and the 2012 peeing in for an entry, I started to list down my new year resolutions. Ofcourse, I wasn't sure of achieving all, but had sorted out the most important ones. I am verry happy that I have achieved the one closest to my heart. I have enrollled myself into a dance academy to get a training in Bharatnatyam and Katthak. They are suppose to be two important dance forms of Indian classical types. It was my childhood dream to do this but never had an opportunity. My happiness gets doubled when I see myself doing this after my marriage. Often what indian women are deprived of in middle class families is something I have got as blessings. I am proud of my famuily and my husband for supporting this. I wish every women has such a beautiful and supportive family. This was the good incidence I wanted to share; and now comes the next... complete article