Mendeley Desktop Linux Installation Issue Resolution

This was the third time I had to install Mendeley Desktop in my Fedora system. Initially, I switched from Windows PC to Fedora Server. That was my first try. Then Mendeley got updated from 0.9.7 to 0.9.8. My 2nd try. Last week I got a new system. I installed Fedora Core 14. Finally, my 3rd try. What is common in all of them? I faced the same issue repeatedly during installation. Each time I had to Google and resolve it. My past experiences weren’t smooth henceforth I decided to note down for my future use. On the other hand, it may help people like me. complete article

First HDR photo – with Oloneo PhotoEngine

IMG_5197-HDRA year back I saw few HDR photographs, and I did not like them; I found them more artistic than real. In between I did not do too many photo processing due to some hardware failure and obviously for lack of time in hand. Recently, I seat in front of Photoshop again for processing our Andaman photos (Ross Island, Coral Island) and few recent photos of Durga Puja, Kali Puja; start with one of my favorite plug ins Nik Software. There I saw HDR Efex Pro is released from Nik Software. That’s it! I got interest again to know about HDR photos.

Little Google, and search in Flicker, I got to know lots about HDR images. Specially, this time photos look more real than artistic. I visit few HDR albums in Flicker and found them nice. I have not many ideas what change between a year, whether my perception of view or the tone mapping algorithms; I really wanted to try it. complete article