Alternate Application: Griffith for Ant Movie Catelog

My journey from Microsoft to FOSS was first reported in my earlier post Move on: Windows to Linux. Time to time I talked about those applications I found useful. The current post is about an alternating application to a MS Windows application. I have a long list of titles in my movie collection and I used to use an application to cataloging them. Ant Movie Catalog, (referred as AMC in the later part of this article) Which is again an open source application. Since I moved to Linux I was facing difficulties. I vigorously searching for an appropriate solution. Recently, I found the ANSWER it. Griffith is a perfect replacement for Ant Movie catalog. complete article

Linux Application: Simple Scan

In my previous post in this series (Linux Application: MyPaint), I talked about an application of special purpose. This post, however, concentrated on an application, one may need very often. Are you having a scanner? Do you prefer Linux over Windows? If your answer is YES for both questions, this post is for you. Even of your answers are NO you are also welcome to teast a bite of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software).

I was using Ubuntu 11.10 with KDE desktop for few months. Recently, I decided to go with pure KDE, so I run the script suggested in Psychocats. Now I am having Kubuntu 11.10. During the process, I lost few software useful to me, and I was not aware that it includes the scanning application I was using untill today. Today when I was trying to scan few documents, I found there is no default application for scanning documents. I searched the net for an application, specifically for KDE. Here what my search leading me to... complete article

Linux Application: MyPaint

Earlier, I talked about linux desktops and distributions in the post Move On: Windows to Linux. Today, I will talk about an application; I found recently for Linux. It is not a utility application one may need their daily usage. It is a special-purpose application you will find very useful when needed.

I have a digital pen tablet, which I bought to experiment with my talent on digital arts. However, I hardly used it for more than a month. So it was just sitting idle in my desk. Recently, my wife asked me to suggest a good painting software where she can paint. She has experience with MS Paint but right now my lappy only have Ubuntu. So I suggested Gimp; the wonderful graphics application by GNU. After my work hours, I thought to give my digital pen another try, so that she can draw easily and with pressure sensitivity. However, Gimp does not support pressure sensitivity by default. There might be some procedure, which can enable pressure sensitivity for the Gimp as well. My search leading me to another great open-source linux application; MyPaint. complete article

KDE Environment Variable Configuration for Configuring Kile with TexLive 2011

In my previous post I had described the different desktop options with different Linux distributions. The readers surely got a clue about the desktop I might be using. To inform others, I mostly use the KDE desktop, in my workplace as well as in my home. When using KDE desktop one may find a common problem of setting the Path variable for KDE applications. Let me tell you one of those problems when I feel to set the environment variable. complete article

Move On: Windows to Linux

Friends, this is the first post of the series of post on "moving to Linux from Windows". I was a Windows user since early 2002; Windows 98, Millennium then XP and finally 7, it was more than 10 years. My first encounter with Linux was during my masters. I had to use a simulator for my project, which recommended Linux host. It was in 2008-09, first time I used Linux for working rather for visiting for demo. However, I used it within vmware and as per my best knowledge, it was Fedora Core 10 or 8 maybe. Last year, when I joined ISI, I was given a server account with Sun Solaris. Then I decided to switch my lab system to fedora and installed Fedora core 13. After few days, I liked it. I liked it a lot. Linux has come a long way, and it is now competing with Windows for desktop PCs. My regular follower knows that recently I bring home a laptop. And I decided for Linux. In this post, I will talk about few distribution and desktop, I am familiar with, or I tried for my laptop. complete article

Touchpad-Indicator: Ubuntu 11.04 disable TouchPad

Ever since I have installed Ubuntu 11.04, the thing bothering me the most is that I am not able to use all special shortcut keys of the keyboard. The few keys working are Fn + Left/Right for volume control and the Fn + F2 for blank screen. However, there are few more important keys which aren't working. For example the brightness controlling keys (Fn + Up/Down), the wireless control key (Fn + F5), the TouchPad enable/disable key (Fn + F6). Initially I tried to find a solution to activate all those shortcut keys, but nothing helped me on this. Now, when I have started blogging or coding, I find that while the TouchPad is enabled it iz difficult to write. So, finally this morning I started to search for a solution to disable the Touchpad and finally I got a solid solution to the problem. complete article

Ubuntu 11.04 Wireless Problem for Lenovo Ideapad z570 Atheros Partial Resolution

The Story: Recently I got a laptop as a gift from my wife. My first laptop. :) I was interested to install Linux distribution. So, I took the system with free DOS. Specification of the system is,

Model: Lenovo Ideapad z570
Processor: Intel Core i5 2nd generation 2410 with 3GB RAM
Graphics: Integrated Intel HD 3000 with 15.6" Display

I downloaded Ubuntu and tried the latest version 11.04. 32 bit off course. I had faced some installation issues too, but will soon discuss in a different post. I have a Netgear ADSL wireless router. It was already configured for wi-fi usage in my home. So I was expecting a smooth Internet connection in my laptop using the wireless. complete article