Sunset - Nature's Own Canvas

Sunset is a regular event on our mother earth, yet each day it brings new colors to our blue sky. It is ravishing; it is breathtaking. Every time I witness it; I wonder to find myself lost; lost in its silence; lost in its romance. I remember my childhood, a red (or orange) ball setting between the distant trees, just behind the railway tracks. Some day, at the very moment, a train comes from nowhere to add another dimension to the landscape. Few hundred meters of farmland with different textures added the final touch, when nature painted for us. Although a daily phenomenon, it always ran a wave through my heart.
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Dedicated to my lovely mother and mother in law, two women whom I have idiolized in this role of my life. Being a women was never so easy, nor is it today. But believe me, it always is a beautiful journey. Being a daughter, then a wife and a daughter in law, to a mother, then a mother in law, and finally a grandma. The beauty is that all my elders have lived what i am living now and i would live what they are living now. This exchange makes every aspect of a woman's life more easy, respectful, ambitious, satisfactory, lovable and peaceful. Now I proudly say that "I AM A WOMAN". complete article



The same day I draw Shadow of Life, I tried another one on the same newspaper page. Here it is...
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Shadow of Life

A pen/pencil, a paper and boring time, all I need to start scratching. One of the such evening, last week, I was not happy with my lappy. Swith on the TV set, found nothing interesting too. Mom was watching a reality show. Suddenly, I saw a pencil set which I got from my sister two years back on Bhai Phonta. I had an English daily near me, having a full-page ad. Thanks to wastage of paper, I found a lot of space to start scratching. complete article


I regret not that I saw through your eyes
Unless I had those sleepless nights
When the days passed and the mist appeared
My visions made the world more clear complete article