Andaman – Ross Island

We continue our journey after seeing beautiful corals. We soon reach Ross Island. It was the British Headquarters for Andaman during British era. Currently, you can see only the remnants of the past vintage. Its a little hilly, we had to climb to see most of it. Mom could not be able to climb so mom and dad stayed in the park area.

The first thing we see after crossing the gate is a domestic cat, taking her nap in the pleasant afternoon. We were not in a mood to take a nap. However, we were hungry. So, we search for a place to sit and eat whatever we carried with us. Please remember to carry food, options are very very limited there; probably, no options. 

After taking food, we saw relics of a building; few trees upon it, grabbing the wall with their roots all over it like vain in our body.

Looking here and there and I found another such part remaining with a board showing “Power House”. It was the power when it was alive.

I and my sis found few remaining parts of machinery used for paper processing. And a part of broken walls, wanted to say something in silence.

We were about to move up to the hill, mom decided not to go due to her health. Dad stay there with her too. Just before we start we saw a gang of deer playing around the park region. I was exited, mom and dad too. I tried to capture few snaps; they were so active, capturing is quite hard. Its their nature you know. I only can show you one snap I can manage to make good using some photo retouching tools obviously.

Oh I forgot to show you one snap I got to capture during our lunch. Here it is - 

It was really a nice place to roam around; we are moving upwards. We were talking what mom and dad really missing, a peahen, a relic stair, beautiful forest, another relic walls but little good shape (I forgot what it was). We found a path to a stair which taking us to the beach. We did not move towards the beach, cause we are limited on time. We stay there for 5 min or so. Following are the photos I capture during this time.

Finally, we spent sometime in front of a wall smile_nerd (it used to be a church) and in the cemetery. We did not went close to the hospital, but it can be clearly visible from the cemetery. We took kulfi and started moving back where we started.

It was an wonderful day. I enjoyed there. Hope you enjoyed the photos as well. So, the day 2 is over, I put my camera inside the bag and moved on towards our hotel. Next episode will be in Havelock, until then bye.

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