Mt. Harriet - Andaman Island Day 5

Read MoreHope you read my last post on Cellular Jail. We had a great time there. We recalled our history and became a bit emotional too. We need some fresh air, and what would be better than a forest on top of the mountain in an island. Mt. Harriet! It was today's original itinerary. Cellular Jail was only an addition to it. We called our car and started towards Mt. Harriet. Few minutes, 15 or so and we were in the jetty (If I could remember the name properly it was Chatham Jetty). A Cargo Ship from there to Bamboo Flat. Our car was traveling with us, and we packed our lunch too. So, we had no worries about anything. It was not a long journey, around 20 minutes. We reached the other island.

From that jetty, we had started towards Mt. Harriet. Few minutes after, the car started to up hill, between the forest. I had already taken my camera. The scenery outside the window was unbelievable. Though the weather was not cool, yet it was enjoyable and the green forest took my full attention. I could not be able to resist, and picked up some random shot with my camera. I had added few of those in the foto section at the end.

We got into the park. Then we split into teams, not for experimenting or playing some games. Smile with tongue out I and my sister decided to explore deep into the forest. Where as my mom and dad decided to stay there, mostly because of her health. Before we take the path to start with, we found a board saying Forest, F – Food, O – Oxygen, R – Rains, E – Eco Balance, S – Soil Conservation and T – Timber. Right they are and who could better understand those words like us. We lived closed to metropolitan city, no Rain, no Oxygen, no Soil and obviously no Eco to balance. Smile with tongue out

We are walking on a narrow pathway between the woods and mountain, ups and downs. I was enjoying. Enjoying the most beautiful sound of the earth; and each sec it express something, something like life and freedom. We can hard the sound of life, but was unable to find anyone  in those woods. Sounds were probably coming from the insects or similar kind of animals. I spotted few flowers for feeding my camera; and then I shot one of my best photographs. She was looking like a smiling princes, obviously modern one, with her fancy blue hat. My sister looking so beautiful and fresh. Smile

The smell of fresh oxygen and green sky made me little unconscious. I wanted to sit there for hours. Suddenly, my phone rang. It was mom, wanted us to back. We took a 'U' turn and walking on the same woody pathway. I spotted a life, a lizard, which had colored himself perfectly to match with the surface it was spotted. Most probably, it was the only life we found; obviously except those woods. I know I know they have life too. Smile And may be few butterflies.

Huh! It was hard to leave, still we had to. We took our lunch and started towards the city. The only remaining are those memories and few photos. I selected few of them for you. Hope you enjoy.


The Island from Cargo Ship - Ship use to cross people and cars from one Island to Another Another View The Way to Mount Harriet - From our car Speeding - Through the forest path The entrance of the Forest - Rightly said FOREST Vodafone - Still working ;) Some kind of grass flower... Or may not :P A Pinky Violet :) A Pathway - Going through the forest.. The path would seams to be never endin.. At least for us.. A Smile - The best photograph I shoot ever.. :) Another section of path through the forest The Lizard - It would be hard to find it if I do not post process the photograph.. The Green