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Family Trip To Chilka

Suman Kundu | February 12, 2011

Category: Family & Home

So, another year started last month; and I did not say happy new year to all of you. My followers may already notice how much lazy I am. Last year, around this time we had a family tour to Andaman and I yet to update all those photos.

This year started with another tour. Chilka! The idea again came from my sis. It was a weekend tour. Mostly; we started on Thursday evening. Taking break from the regular life, with the family, may be the best way you can spend your weekends. At least for me. As you always find me breaking my tour experience in several posts, this was nothing exception. This is first to the several.

Day 1: I have several train experiences, mostly local ;-). This was another to it; AC Garib Rath. First time in AC coach; the train coach is a bit congested, but was not trouble for us. Cause we were 5. Without  going for details, here is a small family album in the journey.

It was an awesome start of our three day tour. We eat, play and enjoy together until 11. Then we prepared for a small nap. The journey was altogether 7 hrs. So, even if you tried hard, you may only get 5 Hrs for sleep. So, it was really a small one. Winking smile We had to wake up around 4 O’clock in the morning. Our planned destination was Balugaon; and “Garib Rath” can only help up to Bhubaneswar. We had a plan to catch Bus from there.

I know, you people are mostly interested to know about the Chilka. I will surely add in my next post on Chilka, until then wait my friends.


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