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Suman KunduAugust 10, 2013

Category: Personal Blogs

কিছুদিন যাবত খুব লিখতে ইচ্ছে করছে। Blog টা খুলে দেখলাম শেষ নিবন্ধটা প্রকাশ করেছি তা প্রায় একবছরেরও উপরে। আগে তো নিয়মিতই লিখতাম! তাহলে, কী এমন হল? বিষয়ের অভাব হয়েছিল? নাকি অন্য কিছু? প্রশ্নটা করতেই মাথায় এল, বিষয়ের অভাব কোথায়! বছরটিতো বরং ঘটনা বহুল কেটেছে। তবে? অভাব ছিল লেখার খিদেটার। আজ আবার সেই খিদেটা অনুভব করতেই বসে পরলাম কলম ধরে। শিরনাম দেখে পাঠকগণ অবশ্যই ধারনা করতে পারছেন আজকের নিবন্ধটা কী নিয়ে। এখানে আমি আমার জীবনে গত এক বছরে যা যা ঘটেছে তার সাথে আপনাদের পরিচয় করাব।।read more

Suman KunduJuly 04, 2012

Category: Computer

I use Google Analytics for this web site. Recently, I found that the bounce rates had increased around 7 to 9% from the simple moving average for last two years. I was wondering what might be the reason. Suddenly, last week I saw my last post was truncated. I thought there must be some upload issues, but did not take it seriously. I uploaded it again and left the matter there. However, last Saturday morning when rechecking, I found the same truncation once more. So, there must be some serious issue. I checked other posts, and to my surprise, they all were the same. A big issue off course, and it was the first serious issue from the opening of the site. I was totally more

Suman KunduJune 25, 2012

Category: Education

I appeared for the UGC NET for the second time in my life. Let me tell you about my first experience. In a single line, it was horrible. I agreed that I was under prepared, but I was really wondered to see the exam pattern. My God, what they expect from the future Researchers and Lecturers. Neither it intended to determine how good is your reasoning skills are as per the researcher dynamics, nor it tries to judge how excellent is your teaching ability. Then what exactly it testing? According to me, it used to qualify you based on how closer your skills compare to a Donkey's attitude. Well probably, this is how our country doing research right now. And with obvious reason, I was not fitting to the model. I then decided not to appear further, unless they think un other than donkey, and with another shocking step, the UGC decided to go by another way sooner than I expected. It is probably a well-known news that, UGC NET is now more

Suman KunduApril 29, 2012

Category: Art

Sunset is a regular event on our mother earth, yet each day it brings new colors to our blue sky. It is ravishing; it is breathtaking. Every time I witness it; I wonder to find myself lost; lost in its silence; lost in its romance. I remember my childhood, a red (or orange) ball setting between the distant trees, just behind the railway tracks. Some day, at the very moment, a train comes from nowhere to add another dimension to the landscape. Few hundred meters of farmland with different textures added the final touch, when nature painted for us. Although a daily phenomenon, it always ran a wave through my heart.
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Suman KunduApril 23, 2012

Category: Formula 1

The result of last formula one round is now known to every race lover. This was the fourth round of formula one 2012 championship, and we saw four different drivers on the top spot of the podium. For the first time after his comeback we saw him alongside to the winner. Yes, I am talking about Kimi, the more

Suman KunduApril 11, 2012

Category: Education

So, we did created our first program using Qt and Python. We also captured user submitted data and printed them to Python console. Now we will create a GUI for preview information instead of printing on console screen. Lets start modifying our project by opening it in Eric.
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Suman KunduApril 04, 2012

Category: Education

Today I am going to create a sample screen to start with. These first few programs are just to test the environment, before starting the actual more